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The spinal column is inherently unstable and relies on muscles called core stabilisers to support it. These muscles when strong are able to control the movement of the spine at all times, allowing the spine to move freely and safely, even when under load.

Sometimes these muscles can become weak, maybe due to an injury or through simple lack of use. When this happens the affected individual often will find that they are getting recurring back or neck pain, usually as a result of a fairly trivial incident.

Spinal Rehabilitation is a tailor made program of very specific exercises, designed to strengthen  up and balance weak core stabilising muscles. This is done under the supervision of specially trained fitness instructors in our rehabilitation gym. The programs generally involve two sessions a week for twelve weeks which research has shown to be necessary in order to achieve optimum results.

You may need Spinal Rehabilitation if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

What is actually happening is that the weakened core stabilisers cannot protect the spine when it is subjected to any load or movement, resulting in damage to the vertebrae, discs and delicate nerve pathways. The longer this situation exists the greater the chance of permanent damage to the spine and eventual arthritic degeneration.

If any of these conditions apply to you, and you are interested in better health contact us. We will perform a thorough spinal examination to determine if you have any significant mechanical problems that need to be addressed prior to commencing a rehabilitation program. Once we are satisfied that you are fit enough to start a rehab program, you will be assessed and a personal program of exercise will be created and you will be able to start.

You will be supervised at all times as you work through your rehabilitation program. As you progress your rehabilitation instructor will modify and intensify the program and liaise frequently with the referring chiropractor.  In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere you will work through your programme, gaining long term health benefits. Many people having completing their 12 week programmes choose to continue to have regular sessions in our Rehabilitation suite in order to maintain their fitness.

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